DevOps consulting as a service

Intake Solutions’s decades of DevOps consulting expertise help you turn ambition into action and action into results. Transform the way your company operates and delivers with an agile mindset — and get results that take it to the next level.

Our DevOps Services


Our pro DevOps consultants collaborate with you to determine the DevOps strategy, roadmap, and services that will help you run your IT more efficiently and nimbly, with stable and predictable outcomes.

Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD)

CI/CD allows to keep an eye on the deployment, find and fix bugs quickly, and streamline time to market. We apply configuration management tools to create innovative cloud-based solutions and ensure seamless integration within your existing products.

Testing automation

Innowise Group ensures meticulous feature testing as a DevOps service provider. We cover the entire QA process including UI tests, integration, security and performance tests. We perform testing across a broad range of devices, browsers, and platforms.

Environment management

We assist in managing code, adjusting servers and services ready for work, and automating all software development processes. Take full advantage of the environmental management services by our DevOps engineers.

Infrastructure monitoring

We control the parameters of data centers, networks, hardware, and software data critical for business using application monitoring tools and processes to ensure continuous software inspection.

Configuration management

It is essential to ensure the best-fitted configuration of environments, increase the agility of processes, and facilitate scalability of applications. We help businesses integrate new software into existing organization infrastructure.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Intake Solutions provides DevOps as a service across different industries. We customize and build applications, ensure integration and move to cloud surroundings.

Infrastructure as code

Also known as IaC, this is the key practice of DevOps. The infrastructure as code uses DevOps methodology to deploy various types of infrastructure such as virtual machines, connection topologies, networks, etc. The IaC creates the same environment each time it deploys.

Cloud management

With our DevOps services, our clients have an opportunity to improve their cloud platforms’ scalability and enhance various business processes. Innowise Group provides state-of-the-art features and tools that will be useful throughout the whole process of product development and deployment.

Site reliability engineering

The idea of SRE is to develop robust and highly scalable software or websites. Site reliability engineering brings together operations staff and software engineering, which allows our team to face all the challenges during the software development process as a single unit and make the most out of it.

Cross-functional collaboration

To ensure DevOps adoption across departments, we guide your teams through DevOps culture and best practices, demonstrating for stakeholders how to stay on course to achieve your collective goals.



We take care of design and development stages, and our experts merge code changes into a repository, where they run automated tests and builds.


Our QA team ensures secure and stable releases of the solution and defines which tests need to be automated, monitoring frequency and other definitive variables.


We deploy new software and features using the latest cloud technologies. The process is fully automated and we release software to production autonomously.


The DevOps teams assist in releasing the project. We harness DevOps tools to ensure reliability of solutions and speedy releases within short cycles.

Feedback & Monitoring

We monitor and support the created software, making sure to roll out constant updates, add new features and scale the software according to business needs.

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