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Starting with us a new Project

We provide advice/consultation to help you. Our finest way is to help you overcome challenges and detect opportunities. We tailor your solution whether you need a framework or project management of an entire project. With more than 10 skilled specialist consultants dedicated to retail, eCommerce, ERP, IT support, and design and development. we are always ready to help and support you throughout your project.

Project Management

The application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve specific project objectives according to the project acceptance criteria within agreed parameters.

Our Principals

We follow the 12 Project Management Principles include stewardship, teamwork, stakeholder engagement, value creation, systems thinking, leadership, tailored approaches, quality focus, managing project complexity, risk management, building adaptability and resiliency, and change management

Build on experience

At Intake Solutions we assign an experienced project manager to every project. The project manager is therefore responsible for technical project management. All Intake Solutions project managers are fully-qualified developers who work professionally with communications, analysis and estimates. If the client wishes, we can assign Danish project managers especially to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the partnership.

Agile methodology

We carefully choose an agile methodology for managing your project. Past experiences say that either Scrum, DSDM or Kanban fit most projects and products development. If it is a new product just incubating from idea, we suggest DSDM as it gives you granular view of those early research and developments. If it is a long running product development with a variable flow of work, we suggest using Kanban. If it is a customer project with very tight deadline and well-constructed requirements we provide Scrum. To know in more details please contact us by sending a note, and we will try out best to find the right setups for your needs.


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Project Managers

Manage Your Projects

Dedicated tech management
for all that your project needs

Hassel Free

Leaving all the technicalities to our seasoned technical managers
You can focus on more important parts

Seamless Integration

Integrating multiple technologies from different areas have never been easier
Our project managers are trained and tested on the field

Certified Project Manager

We have certified project management experts and professionals who are highly expert to demonstrate their expertise in the project and products. Project managers help teams break down a project into more manageable pieces. By breaking the project into a clear process of assigned tasks, milestones, and deadlines, project managers can direct their teams more efficiently and react to issues with greater agility.

Expert Tech Lead

As we believe in the leadership of the best way to make anything successful, you get the best experts available for your projects. Their guides make your project efficient and hassle-free.

Support in all respects the development cycle

No matter if the project is in production or development
You can get us for support

Dedicated support team

Got a bug discovered suddenly out of nowhere ?
Our dedicated team of support will jump into the issue before you know it

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